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All About pH Indicators

pH indicators are weak acids that exist as liquid dyes and dye-infused paper strips.A pH value is determined from the negative logarithm of this concentration and is used to indicate the basic, acidic or neutral character of the substance you are testing. They are added to numerous solutions to determine the pH values of those solutions. While the liquid form of pH indicators is typically added directly to solutions, the paper form is dipped into solutions and after that removed for comparison against a colour/pH key.

A pH of 7 indicates a neutral solution similar to water. A pH less than 7 specifies an acidic solution and a pH greater than 7 specifies a basic solution. Eventually, the pH value indicates how much H+ has separated from molecules within a solution. The lower the pH value, the higher will be the concentration of H+ ions in the solution and stronger will be the acid. Similarly, the higher the pH value, the lower will be the concentration of H+ ions in the solution and the weaker will be the acid.

The colour change of a pH indicator is due to the dissociation of the H+ ion from the indicator itself. Recall that pH indicators are not only natural dyes but also weak acids. The dissociation of the weak acid indicator causes the solution to change itscolour.

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