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Get the best quality laboratory chemicals

Now, you can shop for laboratory chemicals online from ALPHA CHEMIKA, which happens to be one of the best suppliers of the same. This enables you to order for all the laboratory materials you require conveniently from our website. We not only offer you best quality chemicals, but also give you the most professional service from packaging to shipment of the products.

Our product range includes HPLC Solvents, pH indicators and solutions, high purity acids, concentrated volumetric solutions, laboratory chemicals, redox indicators, buffer tablets, iron pairing reagents among other products. The laboratory chemical products include iodine, potassium iodide, mercuric chloride, mercury metal, ethyl alcohol, silver nitrate and so on.

We are particularly known for the quality control procedure that results in the best quality outcome of products. Quality is the main priority that is ensured in all the activities carried out. We use special Statistical Quality Control Methodology as a management tool that helps them establish standardized products at every level. Our products quality can be measured against the many internationally recognized grades it holds. These grades ensure that Key parameters such as UV Absorbance, transmittance, non-volatile Matter, moisture contents, fluorescence impurities and assay are very strictly and carefully controlled. As far as the pricing is concerned, we offer you the lowest possible pricing that seems reasonable for such high quality laboratory materials.

ALPHA CHEMIKA is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company that has also been accredited by UKAS. We have been awarded rating by NSIC-CRISIL. Our company has actively been around in the international market for the past 35 years and is particularly known for customer satisfaction. We have been in good business terms in countries like United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia, Libya, Ethiopia, Iran, Egypt, Tanzania, Malaysia, Indonesia and many more. With a strong belief in growth and expansion of our organization. It is the best place to buy laboratory chemicals and materials online.

Laboratory chemicals have many uses. It can be used to make certain things we use and can also be used for chemistry experiments. It may be used for cleaning cutting tools. Our Laboratory Chemicals are also widely used for educational purposes and hence have much significance. These are some of the few important uses of our wide range of activities that our chemicals may be utilized for. Therefore, when in use it is very important to ensure that only ALPHA CHEMIKA's best quality laboratory chemicals are in hand.