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A non-metallic, lustrous,dark-grey/purple-black and solid element is known as Iodine. Iodine sublimes very easily on heating to give a purple vapour. Iodine dissolves in certain solvents like carbon tetrachloride and it is only a little soluble in water.

Silver iodine is used frequently in photography. Iodine is added to nearly all the table salt and is used as a supplement to animal feed. It is also an element of water purification tablets that are used for the preparation of drinking water. Iodine is turned into iodides for many of these uses.

Iodine is added to almost any kind of salt that is useful. It is used to make bread, oceanic plants andsea fish. Iodine is certainly present in the ocean and somewater plants and sea fishwill store it in their tissues. Iodine can be found usually in the air, soil and water. Oceans are the most vital sources of natural iodine. About 4, 00,000 tonnes of iodine outflow from the oceans every year as iodide in sea spray or as iodide, methyl iodide andhydrochloric acid, created by marine organisms. Much of it is left on land where it may become a part of the bio cycle. There are many cleansers andmedicinesfor skin wounds comprise iodine.

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