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Know about different types of pH indicators and their use

Calculating the pH value is very common in the industrial and agricultural scenario. It is widely used in research as well. As the need for pH calculation increases, lab chemical suppliers in Mumbai receive orders from clients across the country. It is very important that the quality of chemicals used for manufacturing pH indicator is very good. Otherwise, there is a possibility of erroneous and misleading results.

There are several ways of knowing the pH value. Paper strips containing pH sensitive dyes are most common. Though they are simple to use, the sample gets contaminated because of the dye. Experts say that it creates an anomaly in the results. Nowadays, people use plastic strips which are more stable than the plastic counterpart. However, there is a possibility of gradual loss of dye. Thus, it limits the use of plastic sheets for a long-term. PH Indicators Manufacturers India supplies several types of indicators. They are accurate, easy to use, and do not contaminate the sample.

Plant compounds for pH indication

Research has been done worldwide to find out effective and useful chemicals to understand the pH value of substance. There are several types of plant-based chemicals available which are safe, effective and long-lasting.

(i) Lichen/Moss: We are familiar with Litmus. It is a plant-based dye which is extracted from lichens and moss of a particular type. When a paper coated with litmus dye is dipped in the liquid which is supposed to be tested, it changes the color. Blue litmus paper turns into red if the solution is acidic. Pink colored paper turns into blue if the solution is the base. If there is no change in the color, it means the solution is neutral.
(ii) Fruits and berries: Several types of berries and fruit pulp of purple color is used for extracting a substance known as Anthocyanin. Though lab chemical manufacturers India donít produce such things at the commercial scale, it is possible to make a solution in the laboratory or home. Experts say that they are equally effective and accurate as chemical-based dyes.

There are several other varieties of vegetable-based dyes. However, it is not possible to use them commercially. Industrial users and large laboratories send bulk orders to lab chemical distributors to supply chemical-based pH indicators. The demand is increasing every year as more industries need the same. Excellent quality and purity are essential for the accuracy of results.