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Potassium Iodide has amazing qualities of saving from radioactive exposure

Before we know the clinical and industrial importance of Potassium Iodide, let’s understand about it further. KI is the symbol of this odorless, white substance which is normally found in the powder form. Since it is added to the common table salt to make it Iodized, there is a huge demand for it. Potassium iodide manufacturers in india receive bulk orders from salt producing companies. Since the quality parameters are very stringent, suppliers are supposed to keep the product up to the mark.

It is a nontoxic substance if not taken in excessively high quantities. However, people with extreme Iodine sensitivity may face problems.

Where is it used?

Potassium Iodide widely used in curing different types of diseases. Mainly, it can cure iodine deficiency and related disorders or malfunctions. Since Iodine is critically important for the proper functioning of Thyroid gland, deficiency may cause enlargement of the gland. If pregnant women suffer from lack of Iodine, it puts a disastrous effect on the fetal brain development. Reports say that it is one of the biggest reasons behind mental retardation in India. A few geographical regions have been marked as Iodine deficient areas where a special focus is being given by the government and health authorities. Iodine suppliers in india are asked to supply god quality stuff so that better health improvement can be achieved.

Why is it added to common salt?

In India, Iodine insufficiency is quite common. Since it is available in limited food products, it becomes quite difficult to get adequate quantity through diet. For example, seafood contains it in abundance, but it is not part of the staple diet of the majority of the Indians. Hence, 0.006 percent to 0.010 percent Potassium Iodide is added to the common salt. Since salt is the inevitable food stuff, it greatly helps in fulfilling the gap between the demand and supply of Iodine in our body. While adding KI to the salt, it is ensured that the quality of the material supplied by iodine manufacturers in india is up to the mark.

Other than the treatment of thyroid gland, Potassium Iodide is also used for protecting patients from the ill-effects of radioactive Iodine, which is a byproduct of nuclear reactions. Those who are at the risk of radioactive exposure can be treated effectively by it. Regulated use of the chemical reduces the health hazards significantly. It saved the life of people in the nuclear exposure in Russia and Poland.