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Silver Nitrate, the effective bacteria controlling substance

Silver and Nitric Acid are the two chemicals that form the corrosive chemical Silver Nitrate. Stick or diluted liquid forms are used for different purposes. Typically, the liquid of .01 to 10 percent concentration are used by the medical professionals.

When in the stick form, it is considered extremely effective in treating warts. It has been found immensely useful in cauterizing the wounds. When moistened in distilled water, the stick is placed on the affected area for two to three minutes, once in a day. It starts healing the area, and there is a significant drop in the bacterial concentration. In the liquid form, it kills bacteria and boosts the healing process.

When leading silver nitrate manufacturer in india manufacturers the stuff for medical purpose, there is a great concern about the quality and purity. Therefore, strict quality parameters are used while manufacturing the chemical. It is ensured that every lot is flawless and pure.

Why is it used in the wound care?

Experts say that Silver Nitrate plays an important role in the healing of wounds. Therefore, it is used in the dressing purpose by medical care staff. It has been found extremely effective in controlling bacteria, yeas,t and mold when used in the right concentration. Silver is highly effective in killing the microbes by altering the membrane permeability of the cells. It also inhibits the cellular respiration that eventually kills the microbe. Silver denatures the nucleic acid of the bacteria and destroys them. Silver nitrate suppliers in india receive orders from all types of pharmaceutical companies and medical research laboratories in different quantities.

When a wound is treated, it is important to reduce the bacterial burden. Then only the healing process starts. When Silver Nitrate is applied on the wound, it kills a wide range of microbes and reduces the bacterial load. Microbes such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus that are highly resistant to antibiotics can also be controlled using Silver Nitrate.

Due to anti-inflammatory properties and lower levels of toxicity, it is considered one of the best wound care chemicals. It has been used for decades in treating all types of wounds. Experts say that acute wounds, chronic wounds, and burns can be healed by the application of Silver Nitrate in the right concentration. It is the reason; pharmaceutical companies place the order to the best silver nitrate manufacturer in india that follows stringent quality standards while producing the substance.