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Silver Nitrate Uses And Facts

Silver Nitrate is an inorganic compound with chemical formula AgNO3. And it has various uses in different fields like laboratory uses, manufacturing purposes, used in biology, medicinal uses, used in photography and ceramics. With the wide range of uses of silver nitrate, it is said to avoid skin contact with the compound because it creates black spot on the skin that was in contact with the chemical. There is also a myth that silver nitrate is light sensitive, which in fact it is not.

Now to be specific about the uses of AgNO3 in laboratories it is used to test the presence of Chlorine, Bromine, Iodine, Carbonate, Hydroxide, Sulfide and Phosphate ions. It is also used to test the exact salinity of sea water and in oil fields to determine the amount of Chlorine ions in water and drilling fluids. Silver nitrate is used in manufacturing Nickel, which is electroplated with silver, process of manufacturing mirrors, hair dye, inks for the permanent fabric marker pens, pharmaceuticals and also prevents the shrinking of buds and blooms in cut flowers. Biologically it is used to detect calcium in tissue samples. Silver Nitrate is used as an eye drop to prevent diseases in new born infants. Also used by Dentists to heal mouth ulcers and by Doctors to remove warts. However, it is a poison which causes bad abdominal pain and gastroenteritis id ingested. Silver Nitrate is the starting material for all chemical based photography. It is also used in ceramics to give colors to the pots.

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