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Handling toxic chemicals in laboratories, even a small negligence could be deadly!

Whether you manage a chemistry lab in a school or college or run a manufacturing industry where chemicals are frequently used, there is always a risk if you handle toxic chemicals. Remember, there is no scope for even the smallest mistake because it can be fatal. Hence, it is important to take utmost precaution. Apart from storage of the chemicals, it is equally critical to use sufficient safety measures while ordering the stuff from lab chemical distributors.

What do we mean by toxic chemicals?

Toxicity is the capability of a chemical to cause harm to human life. Sometimes, it is restricted to some irritating symptoms such as coughing, rashes or burning of the eyes. However, the symptoms cross the tolerable limit sometimes. It can cause loss of life also.

Local toxicity is a condition when only those body tissues get damaged that contact with the chemicals. Acute toxicity is a critical situation when the whole body shows the symptoms of intoxication, and it needs immediate intervention. Laboratory chemicals suppliers in Mumbai gives clear instructions about the material handling process and toxicity level on the cartons. It is very much important to read the instructions. While some chemicals show toxic properties after prolonged exposure, some cause harm after a small exposure.

How do people get exposed to it?

Lab chemical manufacturers India produces harmful chemicals in large quantities. However, there are seldom cases of exposure because they follow stringent safety measures. However, people working in chemical labs (small or big) often become victims because of negligence and mishandling. Inhalation, contact of harmful chemicals with the skin or eyes, or absorption of toxic fumes through the mucus membrane (the moist, soft part of the body, e.g. nasal cavity, mouth, or tongue) cause accidents.

Ingestion is the deadliest of the exposure. Oral LD is the parameter that determines the acute toxicity of a chemical. It is expressed in Milligrams per Kilogram of the body weight.

The harmful impact depends on the rate of absorption which varies in different situations. Also, concentration and toxicity of the substance are other important parameters. The degree of injury is directly proportional to the factors mentioned here. Lab chemical suppliers in Mumbai follows utmost precaution while storing and transporting toxic substances.

Use of hand gloves, masks, and full-body protective suit are some of the measures to avoid the exposure. Though people working in laboratories take it lightly and often ignore safety measures, it becomes the cause of casualty sometimes.